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Paving & Driveways

Paving & Driveways

If you’re considering superb paving and driveway services, contact James Lacey Landscaping & Horticulture

Paving & Driveways

An excellent way of improving the appearance of your garden and front-of-house areas is by installing paving or driveways. At James Lacey Landscaping & Horticulture, we are professionally trained to add paving installations and driveway solutions in a suitable timeframe using high-quality materials.

James Lacey Landscaping & Horticulture

For paving and driveway solutions installed by professionals, contact James Lacey Landscaping & Horticulture

Porcelain Tiles

For outdoor areas, we offer a range of tiles that can be used for gardens and other locations. These porcelain tiles are not only stunning to look at, but extremely robust against wear-and-tear and weather effects.

These tiles are available in materials such as limestone and granite.

James Lacey Landscaping & Horticulture

For stunning and durable porcelain tiles, contact James Lacey Landscaping & Horticulture

Cobblestone Chippings

Our collection of cobblestone chippings and pebbles is used to brighten up any garden, making it stand out as a distinct, unique area of your household.

Similar to our porcelain tiles, These cobblestone chippings are derived from limestone and granite materials to provide a variety of styles and textures to customers.

James Lacey Landscaping & Horticulture

To brighten up your garden with cobblestone chippings, contact James Lacey Landscaping & Horticulture

Kerbing & Edging

We construct strong and attractive driveways via kerbing and edging installation. We use high-quality paving stones to construct kerbing for driveways, while also taking care of garden areas when doing our edging processes.

As an extension of our edging and kerbing services, we also provide raised beds to define your garden’s shape.

James Lacey Landscaping & Horticulture

If you’re interested in implementing a driveway via kerbing an edging, contact James Lacey Landscaping & Horticulture

  • Where can I find a landscaper near me?
    We are available to clients all over Dublin
  • Where can I find horticulture near me?
    Our horticulture services are available to customers all over Dublin.
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